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Derek Ball, CEO Wild Mob

In 2014 a wonderful partnership between the Norfolk Island Travel Centre and Wild Mob began. Wild Mob is a not-for-profit, non-political organisation that takes on-the-ground action to protect and conserve Australia’s most threatened species and ecosystems. They do that by taking volunteers to restore critical habitat of endangered species and one of their major program areas is Norfolk Island.

Working with local businesses is part of the Wild Mob philosophy so when Derek contacted Rebecca Christian, Norfolk Island Travel Centre owner and operator she was very excited: “Wild Mob is a natural ‘fit’ with my business and the island itself. I was therefore thrilled that Wild Mob asked the Norfolk Island Travel Centre to be the local operator to work together to organize bringing conservation volunteers to the island.”

For Derek, he says “Wild Mob’s work on our Norfolk Island project is particularly exciting because of its unique ecosystems and fantastic community. Norfolk Island opens people’s eyes. On the mainland, resources can be seen to be infinite – just turn the tap on or go to the shop for what you need. Norfolk Island shows the world isn’t limitless – you need to be cautious about how you use water and resources. The potential is here to demonstrate how environmental conservation can go hand in hand with building strong communities”.

Derek has a PhD in marine biology and zoology, and lists his loves as SCUBA diving, boating, ocean kayaking, wildlife photography and travelling to global biodiversity hotspots and studying their management systems. After working many years in the private, public and NGO sectors, Derek knows that Wild Mob is the best future model for conservation management in Australia. He is a member of the Commission for Ecosystem Management within the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, and is also the Chair of the Island Arks Australia Alliance.

Since 2014 over 10 groups have travelled to Norfolk Island to not only have an adventurous week volunteering their time – but also have a holiday and enjoy all the island offers. There are six Wild Mob Conservation Project trips scheduled for 2016, plus a special Conservation Insiders trip and Norfolk Island Bird Week. Each Insiders trip has a maximum group size of 8 and is personally led by Derek.

For more information on Wild Mob trips to Norfolk Island contact or freecall on 1800 1400 66 from Australia or 0800 0088 10 from New Zealand.

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Derek Ball, CEO Wild Mob

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Packages including airfare, accommodation, all meals, Wild Mob project conservation activities and much more priced from:

$1499pp twin share ex Brisbane

$1539pp twin share ex Sydney

When are Wild Mob trips scheduled in 2016?

Conservation Projects:
5 – 13 February
15 – 23 April
1 – 9 July
2 – 10 September
30 September – 8 October
28 October – 5 November

Conservation Insiders
14 – 22 October

Norfolk Island Bird Week
18 – 26 November

For an Information Pack on any Wild Mob trip to Norfolk Island contact