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A Special Family Reunion location and Event in 2019


First Fleet Anniversary celebrations

First Fleet Anniversary celebrations

In March 2019 Norfolk Island’s First Fleet Anniversary Celebrations present as the perfect opportunity for a family reunion and chance to meet fellow descendants of your First Fleeter ancestor. For the many Nathaniel Lucas and Olivia Gascoigne descendants who gathered for this year’s event, the week provided an opportunity to meet new family members, learn more about family connections, exchange contacts – and holiday together. Lucas descendants who visit in 2019 will once again experience this wonderful exchange.

Already other First Fleet families are organising reunions to coincide with the 6 March 2019 anniversary including descendants of Andrew Goodwin and Lydia Munroe, with family members likely to travel from every State except the Northern Territory. As a convict Lydia was transported for theft with co-accused Ann Forbes – and Andrew alongside William Butler after they were caught stealing a load of lead. What a wonderful meeting it would be if Andrew and Lydia’s descendants met up on Norfolk Island with Ann Forbes and William Butler’s descendants!

Finding the opportunity to exchange stories with fellow descendants is an important part of our First Fleet celebrations. A special mediated Your Family Forum session offers just this, with dedicated time to tell your family story and hear from others. It’s highly likely the session

First Fleet Anniversary celebrations

First Fleet Anniversary celebrations

will end up revealing family commonalities and differences; intriguing details about life on the Island; and ‘who knew who’ as a fellow convict, land owner, free settler, marine or soldier.

If you are interested in this earliest period of British settlement on Norfolk Island then this is the week for you to travel. It is the only time dedicated experiences and tours are organised within a one week program delving in detail into life on the Island between 1788 and 1814 (when the Settlement closed).

Contact Maria Massey at the Norfolk Island Travel Centre for details of both their 2019 First Fleet and Holiday Packages, as well as accommodation discounts available when groups of 10+ travel together (perfect for a family reunion!).  Email Maria at maria@travelcentre.nf or call 1800 1400 66.


Reserve Your Country Music Spot in 2019! 

WOW – what a truly great week of country music performances we had on Norfolk Island at this year’sNorfolk Island Country Music Festival, delivering on terrific concerts, organisation and Festival fun.  Our Island really loves this Festival – it’s certainly one of our personal favourite times of the year.

We are now very excited about bringing you to the 2019 Norfolk Island Country Music Festival! Now is the time to reserve your place which can easily be achieved by contacting us for an Information Pack outlining all accommodation options. To make sure you don’t miss out on your top choice (for example there are only several places located within easy walking distance to the venue), please don’t delay emailing or calling Christan Davies at christan@travelcentre.nf on 1800 1400 66. All that is required now to reserve your place is a $200 deposit.

If you have a number of friends interested in travelling for the Festival please let Christan know as there are some accommodation benefits able to be secured when 10+ stay together, including one person being free of charge! Please ask Christan for full details and conditions.

We hope you can join us on Norfolk Island in 2019 for a wonderful Country Music and Norfolk Island experience!

Courtesy Luis Ortiz-Catedral

Courtesy Dr Luis Ortiz-Catedral