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Norfolk Island Folk History

What could be more interesting than to delve into Norfolk Island’s convict, whaling and Bounty mutiny histories via music, poetry and storytelling? Offered for the very first time, “Norfolk Island Folk History” offers a unique lens to explore these stories.

Presenters for the week are Don and Sue Brian. Having recently spent 5 years living on the Island, and as dedicated historical researchers, they found its history and heritage compelling. An accomplished folk musician and poet, Don’s convict and whaling research spotlights the richness of the personal and everyday lives of the convicts, soldiers and whalers of our past. Sue’s passion for our history and current day culture was cemented while working as a volunteer at the Norfolk Island Museum, and as an active member of arts and weaving groups. Together, Don and Sue bring an articulate, thoughtful and thoroughly fascinating perspective on Norfolk Island’s folk heritage.

Presentations and tours during the week include:

    • * Unearthing Norfolk Island’s Untold Stories
    • * Convicts of the Second Settlement – focusing on escapes, riots, work and personalities
    • * Norfolk Island on the Middle Ground – a presentation in song, historic and modern images and spoken word on the history of Pacific whaling
    • * Tales From the Artefacts as discovered by Sue in the Norfolk Island Museum
    • * Personal tour by local NI Whale Boat ‘Rhonda’ builders
    • * Farewell Sea Shanties night
    • * Cyclorama tour and plaiting demonstration

This week will be of special appeal to those who hanker to delve deep, inquire and discover the stories of a place. With an incredibly rich and complex history the tantalising stories of the people who either happily or with a sense of dread came to call past, or call Norfolk Island home, are rarely discovered. Through Don and Sue Brian sharing their personal research, they will uniquely bring these stories to life through story, song and poetry.

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Norfolk Island Folk History

When’s it on?

5 – 12 August 2016 ex Sydney
6 – 13 August 2016 ex Brisbane

Want more information?


From Australia 1800 1400 66
From New Zealand 0800 0088 10

Packages including airfare, accommodation, car hire Folk History presentations and dinners and much more priced from:

$1439pp twin share ex Brisbane
$1489pp twin share ex Sydney

Norfolk Island Folk History