Passport and Visa Requirements for Norfolk Island

Since 2016 travel to Norfolk Island from Australia has been classed as domestic travel.  However all flights still depart from and arrive at the international terminal.

Australian passport holders:

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection advises anyone travelling between Norfolk Island and mainland Australia will be required to identify themselves. Although passports and visas are no longer mandatory for Australian citizens when travelling to Norfolk Island from Australia, a valid passport continues to be the preferred method of identification.

  • We recommend travelling with a passport if you have one, however technically photographic identification for Australian citizens such as an Australian driver’s licence, will be acceptable.
  • It’s important you provide us with your full name as it appears on your Passport or Drivers licence to ensure your ticket matches your ID document.
  • Those without a passport may experience some delays with manual customs checks
  • Those travelling without a passport should also be aware that in the event of a flight diversion e.g. due to inclement weather preventing the aircraft to land on the island, the flight could be diverted to New Zealand. Those passengers without an Australian or NZ passport will not be permitted to leave the transit area at Auckland airport.

Foreign passport holders and/or those travelling via New Zealand:

  • Non-Australian citizens who hold a permanent resident visa are able to travel to Norfolk Island without further visa requirements but must use a passport as your form of identification.
  • Normal Australian Customs and Immigration procedures will apply when entry is made from outside Australia (including New Zealand). A passport (valid on entry and departure) is necessary and a visa may be required for some foreign passports.
  • For more information please check the following Border Force links:

Do you need a Passport to travel from Australia to Norfolk Island?

Australian Citizens - No, but you will need photographic identification. Please read above.

Non-Australian Citizens or Foreign Passport Holders - Yes, please read above.

Do you need a Visa to travel to Norfolk Island from Australia?

Australian & New Zealand Citizens - No, please read above.

Foreign Passport Holders - Please read above.

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