Frequently Asked Questions about Travelling to Norfolk Island

Find answers to commonly asked questions about travel planning, Norfolk Island, and our Norfolk Island Travel Centre. If you have a question that you can’t find an answer to, please send us a message via our contact form.

Planning your Norfolk Island Holiday

Is Norfolk Island Family Friendly?

Norfolk Island has become a haven for families looking for a relaxing or action-packed holiday where kids can experience wonderful, secure freedom. In summer Emily Bay is the epi-centre of family fun with swimming (making it to the raft in the middle of the Bay is a mile-stone for varying ages to reach), snorkelling, reef walking and, of course, sand castle building! Emily Bay must truly be one of the safest beaches on the planet. Other family holiday favourites include coastal and rainforest walks to see Norfolk’s endemic plants and birdlife, fishing, miniature golf and the museums (look out for their school holiday programs).

Some of the island sporting events have junior or cub categories (eg; archery, pistol shooting) with family friendly Clubs and facilities. Some accommodation places include a pool and practically all will welcome family bookings.

When should I book my Tours & Activities?

We strongly recommend pre-booking your Tour and Activities choices as some have limited availability and in busy periods can fill fast.

Our tours and activities listing is complete, showing all that are available both during the day and evening together with the days and times. Once you’ve made your choices we’ll make all the bookings and confirm back with you when they are made.

As you’ll see there’s a great variety of tours available to enjoy while you’re on holiday covering our stunning environment, rich history, culture and heritage. Please let us know if you’d like any advice or help to make your choices.

Do I need to hire a car?

Most holiday packages we offer already include a hire car. However, if car hire is not already included in your package, we strongly recommend hiring one. Although Norfolk Island is a small island, there is no public transport and the island is very hilly. Hiring a car will give you the freedom to explore and tour the island as you please. The only exception to this is if you are travelling on a fully escorted tour that already includes transport to all tours and activities on the holiday itinerary.

Please contact our team of consultants for a quote.

What happens if I have a problem during my holiday?

As we are located right here at your holiday destination it means we are here in person to help should you have a problem.

We are simply a phone call or quick visit away, and as Norfolk locals can advise the best local solution. As your travel agent we will always go the extra mile to make sure every situation is dealt with properly and efficiently.

We certainly hope you encounter no problems while on holiday but rest assured that if you do, you won’t be on your own on Norfolk Island as we will always look after you.

Are there any festivals, public holidays or events that I can plan my holiday around?

Absolutely, and we think there’s good reason to plan a trip to coincide with our special days and events to add an extra dimension to your holiday experience.

Special days on Norfolk include Anniversary (Bounty) Day, Thanksgiving Day, Foundation Day and our A&H Show Day. Every month there are events that cover, history, music, dance, arts, hobbies and special interests. View them in our Norfolk Island event calendar.

How far in advance should I book my Norfolk Island Holiday?

The earlier the better is the best answer! Due to the demand for flights especially in peak seasons the airline component of your package price can increase the closer you book to your travel dates. As we secure best price group airline allocations for events and groups we have a better chance to stabilise airfare prices than that which is available by self-booking on-line.

You’ll also have a better choice of accommodation if you are able to book early.

Spring and early Autumn are the Island’s usual peak seasons as well as around special celebration times such as Christmas and Bounty Day.

Don’t forget that if you are booking to attend an island sporting, social or other event that many have limited places so to avoid disappointment we recommend booking well in advance.

Making a booking is as simple as placing a $200 or $700 non-refundable deposit with full payment usually due 90 days prior to travel.

Deciding to travel for a last minute or short-stay holiday is no problem. We’ll work to source the best available price and holiday package price for you. We recommend signing up to our mailing list to receive information on Events, Hot Deals and other holiday options as soon as they become available.

What types of accommodation are available on Norfolk Island?

To help you select your accommodation we will check with you about your preferences for budget, moderate or high-end; hotel style or self-contained apartments; and if you prefer to stay close to town or prefer a sea or valley view.

With a wide range of accommodation to choose from, we can make sure you select the best match to suit your holiday dreams and budget.

We’ll advise you of any exclusive deals or specials available during the time of your holiday and as we have great working relationships with accommodation providers will work to secure the best deals for you.

Are there discounts for groups who travel together?

Yes! Ask us for more information regarding group discounts for ten or more passengers travelling together.

Norfolk Island offers exceptional value and many opportunities and experiences for group travel.

Do I need travel insurance?

For Australians, medical treatment on Norfolk Island is covered by Medicare as it is on mainland Australia. We recommend that you check with your private health insurer regarding your medical coverage while on Norfolk Island.

However, we still recommend that travellers get travel insurance.

It is strongly recommended that passengers be covered by adequate travel insurance for protection against amendment or cancellation costs/additional expenses, luggage and travel documents, rental car insurance excess (in most cases this can avoid paying your hire car company an additional fee to reduce the car excess), travel delay, special events, loss of income, disability, accidental death and personal liability.

Please bear in mind your destination is an island, which is subject to aircraft diversion in extreme weather conditions. Airlines do not accept responsibility for flight delays or cancellations due to weather so passengers electing not to take travel insurance do so at their own risk for costs or losses sustained.

Which airport do I check in to get to Norfolk Island?

Flights depart from the International terminal in Brisbane, Sydney and Auckland. Check-in is required at least two hours prior to the scheduled departure time.

Do I need a passport to travel to Norfolk Island?

 Do you need a Passport to travel from Australia to Norfolk Island?

Australian Citizens – No, but you will need photographic identification.

Non-Australian Citizens or Foreign Passport Holders – Yes, please read below.


Do you need a Visa to travel to Norfolk Island from Australia?

Australian & New Zealand Citizens – No.

Non-Australian & New Zealand Citizens or Foreign Passport Holders – Yes, please read below.


Read full info here 

Which airlines fly to Norfolk Island?

QANTAS have been engaged by the Australian Government as the carrier for Norfolk Island. In preparation for your flight QANTAS have advised additional important information which you will need to know for your flight to Norfolk Island – learn more here

We are located mid-way between Australia and New Zealand with flying times of 2 hours from Brisbane and Auckland, and 2 1/2 hours from Sydney.

How do I book a holiday to Norfolk Island?

It’s easy.

Contact us by phone on 1800 1400 66 from Australia or 0800 0088 10 from New Zealand, or email at travel@nitravelcentre.com to chat to us about your holiday and how we can help you choose your Norfolk Island holiday.

About Norfolk Island

What language is spoken on Norfolk Island?

You will no doubt hear the local Norf’k language being spoken around the Island, it’s a perfect representation of Norfolk’s distinctly unique culture.

What is the currency in Norfolk Island?

Australian currency is used on Norfolk Island.

What is the time zone in Norfolk Island?

Australia – Norfolk Island is 1 hour ahead of Australian Eastern Standard times (EST).

New Zealand – Norfolk Island is 1 hour behind.

Daylight Savings – Norfolk Island adopts Daylight Savings from the first Sunday of October to the first Sunday of April, During Daylight Savings Norfolk is 2 hours ahead of QLD.

What is Norfolk Island’s Temperature?

Norfolk Island enjoys a sub-tropical climate. Day temperatures range from:

  • January : 20°C – 25°C // February : 20°C – 25°C
  • March : 20°C – 24°C // April : 18°C – 22°C
  • May : 17°C – 21°C // June : 15°C – 19°C
  • July : 14°C – 18°C // August : 14°C – 18°C
  • September : 15°C – 19°C // October : 16°C – 20°C
  • November : 17°C – 24°C // December : 19°C – 24°C

When is the best time to go to Norfolk Island?

Luckily Norfolk Island has events and activities spread all over the calendar year, you can see our full ‘What’s On’ calendar here. To experience Norfolk Island’s best weather, visit during the months of October to March. The warmest months, are January, February and March

Where is Norfolk Island?

Located 29.03º south and longitude 167.95º east, set on 3455 hectares, Norfolk Island is South Pacific Island between Australia and New Zealand. Norfolk Island is located approximately 1000km off the east coast of Australia.

Questions about Norfolk Island Travel Centre

How can I contact the Norfolk Island Travel Centre?

You can contact us through calling our free AU and NZ numbers below or by emailing us here.

How can I create a new event in Norfolk Island?

We are particularly proud that the Norfolk Island Travel Centre has a solid reputation as a leader in designing, organising and delivering a wide range of Island-based events. Good news – there’s always room for creating new events on Norfolk Island. We have no shortage of enthusiasm, drive and experience when it comes to organising your event to add to Norfolk Island’s annual calendar.

In the past few years we have been responsible for conceiving and supporting a large range of new annual events. These include: the Norfolk Ocean Challenge (for outrigger canoes), Bird Week, Ukulele Festivals, Painting and Art Retreats, Norfolk Island Folk History, U3A tours – and more.

If you or your club has an idea for a Norfolk Island event, please contact us and let’s get planning.

Where is the Norfolk Island Travel Centre’s office located?

We are located on the main street of Norfolk Island on Taylors Road (our own little CBD), positioned directly across the RSL. We are open every weekday from 9am to 5pm and Saturdays from 9am to 12:30pm.

Make sure you drop in and say Hi!

Why should I book with the Norfolk Island Travel Centre?

For over 35 years we have specialised in promoting and bringing visitors to our home on Norfolk Island. We are dedicated to inspiring you to visit our island home on Norfolk Island. We are committed to working together with you and our community to create memorable holidays and events that deliver genuine experiences, leaving you happy, relaxed and desiring to return again.

We can think of at least 10 reasons why you should book your Norfolk Island holiday with us…


The misconception is that booking a trip with a travel agent costs you more. Not true! As a leading Norfolk Island wholesaler we have excellent buying power and then pass on our good rates to you across airfares, room rates, tours and activities.


In today’s world of information overload there is so much content our there to wade through, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming. So much goes into booking a holiday yourself; the planning, setting dates, searching for best prices, booking, following up, reconfirming, sending payments to various locations – there is much to do. Your time is too valuable, let us make it a process whole lot easier for you.

Local Knowledge

From the moment you make contact with us to manage your travel requirements, you’ll be supported by one of our experienced local consultants who will follow-through with all your planning choices and bookings.

Everyone in our team is either born-and-bred on Norfolk, or has lived here for many years. What we all have in common is an excellent local knowledge of what is possible and how to meet the specific, varied or special needs of individuals or groups.


We’ve been in the travel business for many years and we specialise only in Norfolk Island! We know how to put together trips and what makes an itinerary work successfully. We represent only the most seasoned and reputable operators.


We make sure you have exactly what you have requested and we are very detailed oriented. We want to make sure you have the best Norfolk experience so we sweat the small stuff. We will remember if you prefer the aisle seat, if you are vegetarian, if you’re traveling for a special birthday or honeymoon or you’re allergic to nuts. As a valued client you will receive a pre-departure pack with important Island information, as well as a welcome pack when we meet you at the airport.

Customer Service

We understand that your journey begins before you even arrive and it starts with the service you receive from us. Our standard is to deliver excellent service, every time. We are constantly reviewing our performance and feedback forms to ensure we are meeting the high standards we demand of ourselves.


We are ‘Real People’ and ‘Real Locals’ who seek to create ‘Real Experiences’ for each of our customers. We are not a faceless travel corporation with an endless revolving door of travel agents and customers. As passionate locals we genuinely want our customers to love our island, it’s people and experiences.


As a business we value highly our community responsibilities and relationships with the Clubs and Associations that run our annual Island events and tournaments. Living on a small island, most Norfolk Island Travel Centre staff are either members of local Clubs or know the membership well.


We aim to exceed expectations and continue to be the number one on-island travel agency.

History and Passion

“As a descendant of Fletcher Christian, operating a locally run business, my colleagues and I are not only dedicated to promoting our Island home – it’s our passion! We are all intimately connected to the Island’s history, lifestyle and culture and everything the Island has to offer and welcome the opportunity to share this with you.”

– Mat Christian-Bailey, Owner of Norfolk Island Travel Centre