Norfolk Island Events - Arts & Hobbies

Every month a number of Events occur on Norfolk Island covering sports, history, music, dance, arts, hobbies and special interests. Travel to participate in an Event or time your holiday to add in some extra holiday experiences.

Mon 22 May - Mon 29 May

Red Hatters Extravaganza – Norfolk Island 2023

Norfolk’s Red Hatter Chapter led by Her Royal Highness Queenalee Rosalie Radiant Rose of Divinity, who rules over her ‘Bounty Babes’, invites you and your Chapter to experience Norfolk Island in May 2023.

Mon 28 Aug - Tue 12 Sep

Norfolk Island Qigong Retreat with Master Simon Blow

Join us for a week-long Qigong Retreat 'Da Yan Wild Goose' with professional Qigong Master Simon Blow.

Mon 18 Sep - Tue 26 Sep

Norfolk Island Stargazing Spectacular 18 – 26 September 2023

Join astronomer Dave Reneke on an amazing tour of our beautiful night skies!

Sat 23 Sep - Sun 01 Oct

25th Norfolk Island Theatre Festival 2023

Norfolk Amateur Theatrical Society Presents the 25th Theatre Festival on Norfolk Island. Whatever your connection to amateur theatre, leave feeling inspired and equipped with new skills and support from fellow Amateur Theatre friends.